valladolid mountain bike tours

Valladolid Mountain Bike Tour

valladolid mountain bike toursWe Went on amazing Valladolid Mountain Bike Tour with Zuly and Abril from Bikers Zaci thanks to the recommendation from Seth at Everything Playa Del Carmen. Driving to Valladolid from Playa Del Carmen  is now a quick hour and 40 minutes on the new toll highway. We Stayed overnight at our favorite inexpensive Valladolid Hostel The Candeleria. This is a friendly and clean hostel that rents bikes and can give you a map and directions to do your own cenote adventure by bike. We did that on a previous trip to Valladolid and loved it visiting 3 stunning cenotes and exploring the town by bike. After arriving and settling in at the hostel, we rode bikes around the town of Valladolid checking out the old colonial buildings and churches and ate giant tamales at La Tamaleria to prepare for our big ride the next day. 

For this trip we decided to hire the local guides, known as Zaci Bikers and we were very pleased with our 25 km tour. We visited 2 amazingvalladolid mountain bike tours new cenotes we didn’t know about, road down beautiful back country roads and trails, and enjoyed a delicious, authentic Mexican lunch. This was all for only 600 pesos per person or 300 pesos if you bring your own bike. You will probably want to give them a good tip like I did at the end because they are really nice, professional and did a great job guiding us and making us feel safe and comfortable. These Mountain Bike Tours are  for 1 to 4 people but they can handle larger groups who have their own bikes with advance notice. They can also change the difficulty level of the tour by request so don’t worry if you are looking for a beginners ride or something more advanced, they can handle it. We went with intermediate and it was great. If you have more questions please Contact Us for more info. about biking in Valladolid or renting bikes in Playa Del Carmen

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