Playa del Carmen Bike Trails

There are a few great Playa del Carmen bike trails and bike paths that I recommend now in 2018 and there are a couple that I currently don’t like. I will give you some details about a couple bike rides inside Playa’s gated communities and beyond here so you can have a fun and safe bike ride while you are in Playa and the surrounding area.

Grand Coral Xcalacoco  Beach Bike Tour


We have had a lot of people more recently staying in the area of Xcalacoco Beach a little bit north of Playa back towards Cancun. It is a beautiful beach and now has more hotels and resorts like Azul Fives, Petit Lafitte and Viceroy along with a mix of small villas and beach houses. The biggest question has been “Is it possible to ride to Playa del Carmen from this area without riding up on the highway?” The answer is yes it is possible, with only a small portion of the ride along the highway on a path. I no longer recommend riding much on the highway for safety reasons unless it’s possible to ride on a path away from the road traffic. We found a great route by riding through the Grand Coral gated community which connects to downtown Playa easily from the entrance on 5th ave. just after calle 112. After easily entering the Grand Coral, we enjoyed a beautiful ride on the wide open bike lanes with beautiful views of the golf course and big iguanas lurking everywhere. Their was no problem with the security guards entering either entrance and we even rode a bit on the golf course cart path without problems! I’m sure this is not allowed but being Sunday nobody seemed to notice or care. I would highly recommend riding in the Grand Coral. 


Xcalacoco Bike Tour


After exiting the Grand Coral up onto the highway it was just a short ride on a safe trail along the highway to the Xcalacoco Beach area where Petit Lafitte, Azul Fives and other hotels can be found. It’s possible to take your first right after leaving Grand Coral and follow this new paved road down to a great trail on the left at the end of the road that will take you directly to the beach area without a lot of traffic. This is the route we took and really enjoyed it. We tried the main road on the way back but it had a lot more traffic to contend with. This was a great bike ride that I would highly recommend for groups looking for a little more than a light city ride or people staying in the Xcalacoco Beach area looking for a fun and economical way to enter Playa without a car or taxi ride. 

playa del carmen bike trails

playa del carmen bike trails

So what do I not like for a Playa Del Carmen bike path now in 2018. Playacar Phase 2. If you are currently living or staying as a guest inside this older gated community next to Playa del Carmen you may already know that the administration managing the security entrances has recently changed. They are stopping and blocking people all the time and not allowing people driving, biking or walking to enter or exit who do not have a valid resident card, gate sensor or other proof that they are staying inside this giant gated community which has become like a separate, exclusive suburb of Playa. What used to be a great place to jog or go for a bike ride for anyone in Playa is know only for people living or vacationing inside. I have talked to many people, living and vacationing, who have had serious problems entering and exiting Playacar Phase 2 recently or several people including myself who have had the gate bar lowered on their cars and then told they have to pay 6000 pesos for damaging it. Recently we have not been allowed to enter and deliver bikes without our customers filing for a special permission before hand for us to enter. Please contact me if you have any questions about cycling or renting bikes in Playa del Carmen.







Valladolid Mountain Bike Tour

valladolid mountain bike toursWe Went on amazing Valladolid Mountain Bike Tour with Zuly and Abril from Bikers Zaci thanks to the recommendation from Seth at Everything Playa Del Carmen. Driving to Valladolid from Playa Del Carmen  is now a quick hour and 40 minutes on the new toll highway. We Stayed overnight at our favorite inexpensive Valladolid Hostel The Candeleria. This is a friendly and clean hostel that rents bikes and can give you a map and directions to do your own cenote adventure by bike. We did that on a previous trip to Valladolid and loved it visiting 3 stunning cenotes and exploring the town by bike. After arriving and settling in at the hostel, we rode bikes around the town of Valladolid checking out the old colonial buildings and churches and ate giant tamales at La Tamaleria to prepare for our big ride the next day. 

For this trip we decided to hire the local guides, known as Zaci Bikers and we were very pleased with our 25 km tour. We visited 2 amazingvalladolid mountain bike tours new cenotes we didn’t know about, road down beautiful back country roads and trails, and enjoyed a delicious, authentic Mexican lunch. This was all for only 600 pesos per person or 300 pesos if you bring your own bike. You will probably want to give them a good tip like I did at the end because they are really nice, professional and did a great job guiding us and making us feel safe and comfortable. These Mountain Bike Tours are  for 1 to 4 people but they can handle larger groups who have their own bikes with advance notice. They can also change the difficulty level of the tour by request so don’t worry if you are looking for a beginners ride or something more advanced, they can handle it. We went with intermediate and it was great. If you have more questions please Contact Us for more info. about biking in Valladolid or renting bikes in Playa Del Carmen

Or you can click here to:

Contact Zaci Bikers on their Facebook Page

Or call or Whatsapp Zuly, she speaks English:  +52 984-184-9386


Rent Umbrellas and Beach Chairs in Playa Del Carmen

Now you can rent umbrellas and beach chairs with me and have them delivered right along with your bikes to your condo or hotel to use for your entire Playa Del Carmen vacation if you desire. Playa Del Carmen Beaches like Xpu-Ha Beach in my video are better enjoyed from the cool shade of one of my fine umbrellas while you relax and sip some fresh coconut water in a relaxing beach chair. Or maybe you are in Playa for a long term stay and would like to buy beach chairs or umbrellas. Just contact me and I will tell you the current, best place to buy so you can enjoy the white, powdery sand and warm, turquoise blue water in style.

Rental Prices for Umbrellas and Beach Chairs:

$10. USD a day for 1 chair or umbrella

$25. USD a day for 2 chairs and 1 umbrella

Ask me about my special price when you combine with bike rental!

playa del carmen rent beach chairs


Purchase Or Reserve Now

Our rates for bike rentals:

1-3 days $13. USD a day

4-7 days $38.USD, 7-14 days $5. USD per day

$38. USD minimum per bike for delivery.


Please contact me to make an appointment and get directions if you want to come to my shop to view bikes. I do mostly deliveries and sometimes I am at the gym with clients so I am not always at my shop and it is hard to find. Thanks!

Reserve your bikes now with a $20. USD Deposit per bike.

Bike Theft In Playa Del Carmen

Bike Thief!

Bike Thief!

Bike theft is off the chain in Playa Del Carmen! The thieves have gotten very bold this year and we have had a lot of bikes stolen till we upgraded to Ulocks. I stopped this guy on the orange bike because it was clearly my bike that had been stolen from a customer several weeks before from a porch in the night. I could tell because it had special handlebars, grips and a seat that I had picked out and the guy was so cocky he didnt change anything on the bike. He told me he bought it at the bike store and he had a receipt at home for it. Unfortunately, I didnt have the serial number written on the receipt for this particular bike so had no way to prove it was mine and he seemed to know that.

Make sure you save your serial number if you buy a bike and that you use a Ulock if you are renting. The thieves are now targetting people that look like tourists in the downtown area by waiting and watching for people locking bikes up with cable locks. As soon as they walk away they cut the cables and ride away on the bikes. I now have Ulocks and cable locks for all my rental bikes and have not lost any more bikes since. The trick is to put the Ulock between the wheel and frame and then use your cable lock normally. You can also Ulock two bikes together. Ethier way the thieves will move on for an easier score.

Updated February 21st, 2016- Of course, it is always better to Ulock the frame to something because the thieves could still carry the bikes away. I have had a few thefts this year from customers who did not think they needed the Ulocks or who left the bikes locked overnight in a gated courtyard or patio area. Always take bikes inside your building overnight even with Ulocks, the thieves are very bold and will climb over fences in the night and steal bikes. If you take reasonable precautions there is no need to worry you can still enjoy cruising around Playa Del Carmen on your Vintage Beach Cruiser, Mountain Bike or any bicycle. Just remember your Ulock!

How to use a UIock to avoid theft

How to use a UIock to avoid theft


Playa Del Carmen Rental Bike Choices

Playarida Rental Bike  Models Available


playa del carmen bikes

The model you see here above is a great all around frame for all riders. Its big enough for tall riders but has a nice, low step through frame for comfortable mounting and stopping. the frame is a little higher in the front also for a more upright riding position. After trying out many of the different frame styles available here this one is the clear winner for comfort and versatility. These bikes are a little harder to find now because most of the shops have switched to selling the smaller, cheaper step-through frames. You can still currently purchase them at Biciplaya 1 on 30th Ave.

The Purple Cruiser you see below is an excellent choice for taller riders because the frame is longer and taller than all the other economy beach cruisers you will find in bike shops here in Playa Del Carmen.

purple beach cruiser

I like to ride this particular model myself because I am taller and it is also a very sturdy frame. Check out my Orange Gym Bike below.

Ian Kelley-playa del carmens personal trainer


Another consideration is tire size. Notice the smaller,red, urban tires on the playa beach cruiser below equipped with a nifty child seat for your little guys to cruise in style. These tires are faster but puncture more easily and aren’t as forgiving on the bumps, potholes and sewer grates that you will encounter riding bikes here in Playa del Carmen.

playa del carmen bikes for rent


Notice the mountain bike tires on the black cruiser here. These are more commonly used on most bikes down here because the roads can be rugged

renta de bicis en playa del carmen

All the bikes you see here and more are available for rental from Playarida. Take advantage of free, convenient delivery to your condo or hotel on rentals of 4 days or more. Or contact me if you would like more information. I hope you get to have as much fun as I do riding bikes around Playa Del Carmen!

Our rates for bike rentals:

Our rates for bike rentals:

1-3 days $13. USD a day

4-7 days $38.USD, 7-14 days $5. USD per day

$38. USD minimum per bike for delivery.

No Deposit Needed and Baskets and Ulocks are included.


Please contact me to make an appointment and get directions if you want to come to my shop to view bikes. I do mostly deliveries and sometimes I am at the gym with clients so I am not always at my shop and it is hard to find. Thanks!

Reserve your bikes now with a $20. deposit per bike or pay in full.

Best Tacos In Playa Del Carmen 2014

best tacos playa del carmen


Here is my list of the best tacos in Playa del Carmen for 2014:

Best Pork Tacos- (Carnitas, Carne Asada, Cochinita Pibil)

  • 30th Ave. and Calle 40. Carnitas. This cart on the street has an amazing variety of pig parts. Lengua, Surtida, Cabeza, Saudero.,,,,,Not sure  what to order? Try Surtida. This is a mixture and very tasty. The salsas here are also very nice and complement the tacos nicely. This is a night place and opens around 5 or 6 pm serving till around midnight or whenever they run out.


  • Antojitas Yucateco- Constituyentes and Highway 307 next to the Oxxo. This is sit down restaurant. Carne Asada-grilled pork chopped, Cochinita Pibil-Slow roasted pork shoulder I believe. Special spices and slow roasting make this regional favorite delicious. This place is great because they use shredded cabbage and there salsa is pure roasted habanero. They also hand press the taco shells so they are delicious and fresh. This is a morning and lunch place only and if you get there early they also have a great turkey or chicken relleno negro taco.

playa del carmen tacos

  • Carnitas In A Truck Calle 38 between Ave. 30 and 35. There’s a Taco King cart and Marlin Tostados on this same block but for giant piles of delicious pork on a taco it’s the pickup truck with a couple chicos dishing up tacos in the back. You can sit on some rocks nearby under a tree. The preparation is simple and delicious and the salsas are really nice. The old man who runs it is sometimes sleeping in his chair but just wake him up and pay for some of the best Pork carnitas in town. If you arrive early at this morning place you can get some of the homemade crispy pork skin too!

Best Beef Taco;

  • Chilango Tacos on Juarez. This bustling operation on Juarez and Ave. 45 or possibly Ave. 40  is right next to Domino’s Pizza and close to highway 307. These guys are from Mexico City (Chilangos) and they know what they are doing. They have a couple carts on the street where they churn out mass quantities of delicious tacos, my favorites are their Saudero which is a slow-cooked, tender meat and their Cabeza which is from the head of the cow. You can ask for bistec or carne asada if you just want regular chopped beef. The salsas here are amazing and there is a nice covered, sit down dining area in the back next to Domino’s Pizza. The service is also friendly and efficient at this night time only place. I think they are closed Mondays but it might be Sundays.

Chicken and More:

Best Chicken Tacos Playa Del carmen

  • Taqueria El Arbolito (Little Tree Taco Stand). These guys are just off Constituyentes on 45th across from the Oxxo. This daytime place also has a nice roadside restaurant with tremendous fruit smoothies, on highway 307 south in Puerto Aventuras. The stand has a buffet of different cooked meats in tasty sauces. Chicken in red or green salsa, pork, eggs, beef, vegetarian and more. The delicious tortillas are homemade and grilled right there and each taco includes beans and rice if you want. There salsas are also very nice.

Best Tacos De Guisado Playa Del Carmen

Fish and Shrimp:

  •  La Floresta. On Highway 307 South towards Tulum just past Constituyentes. This famous restaurant has the best battered fish and shrimp tacos in town hands down. The Pico De Gallo is outstanding.

best shrimp tacos playa del carmen

I hope you enjoy my reccommendations. Check back as I plan to edit and add more in the future.

best fish tacos playa del carmen

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Cenote Bike Tour

Cenote Chaak-Tun is really amazing. and what I like the most is that it’s right in Playa Del Carmen and you can ride a bike to get there. There’s a lot of reviews for Cenote Chaak-Tun on Trip Advisor you can check out too if you want to find out more.

The ride to Chaak-Tun Cenoter is about 4-5 km each way from central Playa Del Carmen, so make sure you have a bike that fits you good and you are comfortable on. Check your tire pressure and that your crank and wheel hubs aren’t to loose-this is common with a lot of the cheap bikes down here. it’s really very simple just locate Ave. Juarez which is the major Avenue in Playa Del Carmen that leads to the ferry for Cozumel. Now head across the 307 Highway to the Ejido neighborhood. Follow Juarez all the way for 4-5 km to the Cenote which is on the right.

playa del carmen bike tour

This bike tour is awesome now because they completed the bike path on Juarez in the Ejido. You will see authentic Mexican living in this part of Playa Del Carmen and ride you bike past many interesting restaurants and shops where the locals go. The path is actually in the middle of the road-the median-with traffic flying by on both sides. The path is well lit at night and lined with beautiful bushes and flowers. Be careful though because there are many pedestrians on the bike path and  traffic at the intersections. A bell for your bike is useful to alert pedestrians. When you reach the end you will continue on the dirt road for 1-2 more km and pass some Ranchitos. Just when you think you are in the middle of nowhere you will see the Cenote on your right. The hours for this cenote are hard to find online but I read that they are open daily from 8 am to 4:30 pm. I’m not so sure about that though. It would be safer to arrive at 10 am or later and ensure that there will be someone there to let you in.

playa del carmen bike tour


One complaint you will read about on Trip Advisor is that the price for admission has gone way up to around $30. USD per person and maybe more if you want snorkel equipment and what not. I still think it’s worth it because it’s pretty awesome. If you are not big into swimming and snorkeling you can see most of it without swimming or renting additional equipment. That’s pretty cool. There is one cavern that you have to swim into that is pretty spectacular. Plan on walking in shallow water, so water shoes are a great idea and bring  flashlights! This is the most important accessory to see everything. I encourage you to take a bike tour to Chaak-Tun Cenote during your stay in Play Del Carmen. It’s easy to do on your own and I love to take people there on bikes. All you need to do is pay my admission and rent bikes from me. I can take you to a special place for lunch after where the locals eat and i guarantee you will enjoy the experience.

if you are interested in any other Playa Del Carmen tours or Riviera Maya Excursions I would recommend Solatino Tours on 5th Ave for great customer service and a fair price.


Playa Del Carmen Best Tacos 1.0


By Ian Kelley

August 30, 2017 Update: These guys have moved again and now have a better permanent location calle 44. 


            The best tacos in Playa Del Carmen are not on 5th Ave. They’re hidden in hole-in-the-wall taquerias and dirty, little stands and taco carts on back streets, lots and private Rent Bikes, Eat Tacoshomes. if this doesn’t sound like places you would dare to eat than my taco reviews are not for you, go back to the biased reviews on TripAdvisor and have a nice day. But if you are up to the adventure, then please read on…..

One of the signs that you have found a good place to eat, like this taco stand, is when there is a crowd of people waiting for food. I hate to tell you guys about this place because you might get in the way when I’m getting mine.  I won’t pretend I know what to call this place but the name is there. Their main item is tacos de cecina, which as far as i can tell, is a thin-pressed, lightly salt-cured beef. It is grilled, sliced and served with cooked onions and Nopal cactus strips. i was told this style comes from the north and is not typical of the Yucatan. The cecina is the best taco they have but they also have Longaniza which is a spicy, ground pork or something. They have bottled soda and some nice juices and aguas to drink. There’s a big guy who chops up a giant block of ice everyday. He will help you pick out a nice refreshment.

ride bikes, eat tacos

          You may notice in the photo there is a jazzy sauce which I believe is chicharon, a tasty sauce made from pork skin. This is some thing new they added and optional. The sauce is OK but the original version is a very nice, clean taco. The beef is tender, lean and nothing is greasy. The condiments are good while they last. They have mild red or  green salsas, a spicy onion-habanero mix, limes and cream sauce to cool the fire.

playa del carmen bike rentals

       The tacos are bangin’ but I do have two minor complaints about this place. If you arrive later in the day their salsas get thinner and fewer. This is good and bad. It means they make there stuff fresh everyday but come on guys, I used to be a chef, prep a little more and don’t add water when you’re running low. But I don’t think they care. They have plenty of business. That’s my other complaint. Sometimes they’re so damn busy you have to fight the crowd to get your tacos. They also have a weird ordering system. You have to pay first to a guy on the side and if you don’t know this you will wait a while. Hell, you’ll wait a while anyway because that guy is usually cooking too.

         Obviously, this is not a fancy place. It’s a place that delivers a great value in a delicious 12 peso taco. Their dining area is a few plastic stools and some big rocks under a tree and they are located on Calle 38 between Ave. 45 and the highway. These guys are a daytime place only as well, they serve from 8:30-2 pm and are closed thursdays and whenever else they feel like it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and don’t worry if I see you there i’ll be nice and won’t cut you in line. And remember. Ride bikes, eat tacos and have fun.