playa del carmen shopping

Playa del Carmen Shopping

Playa Del Carmen Shopping is a lot more exciting than it was a few years ago. With the addition of two new modern malls on 5th Ave. A few years ago it was hard to find the quality brands I was used to from the United States but now high style shopping and all the quality brands have arrived to Playa Del Carmen right on 5th Avenue in the center of the city.

Quinta Alegria

The Quinta Alegria Mall has some super popular stores with big brands like American Eagle, Forever 21, Nike and Hurley just to name a few. One of the things I used to miss living in Playa was to be able to visit a mall like the ones in the United States and just grab a coffee at Starbucks and shop around at some of my favorite stores. When I visit the Quinta Alegria Mall I feel comfortable like I am in a familiar place. The Plaza Los Americas mall on the other side of the highway is good too and has a great movie theater but lacks the kind of quality stores and brands where I like to shop. A convenient, underground parking garage and beautiful green gardens and trees are everywhere as you explore the great stores and shops like Victoria’s Secret, The Body Shop, The Levi Store, and La Europa and even an Ishop official Apple retailer to buy any Apple computers, iphones and accessories. Relax in the outdoor patio of Starbucks and people watch or break out your laptop. Whatever you choose at Quinta Alegria you can’t go wrong and it’s only a few minutes walk from the beach and two hot new condo developments downtown.

Calle Corazonplaya del carmen shopping

This one is a little newer and only a few minutes walk down 5th Ave. I pass by both of these great shopping centers in the morning within a few minutes when I’m running with my dog. It’s great to have the option of all these new stores like H & M,  Puma, Calvin Klein and Bath and Body Works. The modern design of this mall is stunning and also includes exciting new rooftop views of the sea and high end dining options like Harry’s Steakhouse. Whatever you didn’t find at Quinta Alegria you will find at Calle Corazon.

Paseo Del Carmen

I almost forgot about this mall which is only a short walk from the others down to the beginning of 5th Ave. near the Ferry for Cozumel, This is because it used to be kind of boring without any good stores and then they completely relaunched it in 2016 with an awesome food pavillion and all kinds of great brands and stores entered like Old Navy, Tag Heuer, Pull and Bear, Bershka and Springfield. This is a great shopping area now with new stores opening all the time.


Great Dining on 5th Avenue is nothing new with chic new restaurants opening all the time but good shopping options have been lacking until now with the addition of these new bright, shining shopping plazas in the center of the city. Living in downtown Playa at the center of the action has never been better.