playa del carmen mountain biking

Mountain Bike Trails In Playa del Carmen

The very best mountain bike trails in Playa del Carmen can be found just 20 minutes south at the Punta Venado Bike Park. If you are looking for an easy way to have a fun and challenging experience mountain biking in Playa this is your best bet. They have high quality mountain bikes for rent for around 1000 pesos to use on the trails and you can visit the bike park on your own if you have your own vehicle. Just be ready for the really bumpy, dirt road that leads you down to the beautiful hacienda horse ranch where the rental shop building is located. After paying to enter the park, signing a waiver and getting equipped you will get a map and lots of great info. about the trails to help you enjoy your ride safely.

Then you will make your way to the trail entrance where you will have an option of trails.  There are 3 levels of trail difficulty. Less Difficult, More Difficult and Black Diamond extreme. We found even the green easy trails to be at times very challenging with deep mud runs and narrow single track chutes. The more difficult and advanced trails are chock full of jumps, bridges and rocky climbs to satisfy even the most advanced mountain biker. The trails are well marked but a little confusing so be careful if you make a wrong turn and end up on the advanced trails! I highly recommend a good insect repellent because the mosquitos can be heavy in some areas when you stop. The trails are mostly shaded but you may want sunscreen for when you reach the beach trail. The Beach trail was also challenging with some rocky and sandy parts and a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea. 

There is enough trails and terrain at Punta Venado to return and explore many times and enjoy a new adventure. I highly recommend a visit here if you are looking for a great nature experience, challenging workout and the best mountain bike trails in Playa del Carmen. Contact Me today for more info. or any questions about cycling in Playa del Carmen and beyond.